About us

Since its founding in 2007, Standard Bank Ltd. has functioned as a retail bank specializing in providing services to individuals. Starting from 2018, after changing its status, Standard Bank Ltd. revised its development plan and turned into a universal commercial bank, focused on serving both individuals and the business sector, providing its customers with a wide range of financial services.

Currently, the Bank is in the process of development, actively introducing new service technologies. Services for private and corporate clients include settlement services, various lending instruments, time deposits for individuals and corporate clients, transfers through international money transfer systems, operations with securities, trade financing and documentary operations, loans and guarantees, factoring, consulting, etc. .

Standard Bank Ltd. is a bank for those who demand the highest standards of reliability, quality, a full range of services and products, and convenient service. The bank strengthens partnerships with the business sector, including small business. An analysis of his client list shows that a significant number of new customers are individuals engaged in business or enterprises that came to the bank on the recommendation of their business partners who are already customers of Standard Bank Ltd. This not only strengthens the reputation of Standard Bank Ltd as a bank, but also gives an idea of ​​the future growth and maintaining the bank’s position as a market leader - by improving the institutional base, expanding the product line, introducing modern technologies and improving the quality of service by providing a full range of banking services.

At Standard Bank Ltd we understand that trade finance clients come from various backgrounds with different needs. The instruments that clients require can be differentiated in their instrument size, instrument duration, payment structure, rating of issuing or advising bank and the relationship the client maintains with their banks. We also realize that the scope of trade finance may be difficult for clients who are more focused on their production, production of goods, etc. In turn, Standard Bank Ltd also works with designated brokers and representatives of these clients in order to best achieve a dynamic the decision. Ultimately, Standard Bank Ltd always supports the customer.

The Standard Bank Ltd Trade Finance division specializes in providing customers with the best solution to their unique needs. This implies the provision, but not limited to:

  • Bank Guarantee (BG)
  • Letter of Credit (LC)
  • Reserve Letter of Credit (SBLC)

Standard Bank Ltd proudly offers its banking network and relationships with reputable customers. Having built strong banking relationships with correspondents and the international community, Standard Bank Ltd can offer its customers many opportunities.

Standard Bank Ltd can advise instruments directly or through appropriate banks around the world. With the help of the flexible team Standard Bank Ltd creates creative solutions for financing trade for complex tasks.